Mont-Tremblant Digital Arts Competition

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Digital art contest in Saint-Jovite (downtown Mont-Tremblant)


  1. Objective

To provide a showcase for artists working in the field of digital art through a contest leading to an exhibition in downtown Mont-Tremblant.

  1. Eligibility

Artists of all categories.

  1. Category

Open to all categories: Image, color, black and white.

  1. Theme

Free – No imposed theme.

  1. Dates of the exhibition

From September 4 to October 10, 2021, in Saint-Jovite (downtown Mont-Tremblant).

  1. Prizes

A prize of $500.00 (CDN) will be awarded to the winner with the most public votes.

  1. General conditions of participation

Participants must respect the following conditions:

7.1 One (1) work, digitized per artist will be accepted.

7.2 The work submitted must be exclusive to this exhibition.

An artist must submit a work that is more than 80% different from any other work submitted in a current or past competition or exhibition. This exclusivitý measure is intended to encourage noveltý. It rules out the possibilitý that the same artist could be recognized and awarded more than once for the same work.

7.3 Any infringement will be considered illegal and inadmissible.

7.4 Only works of image type, executed from software allowing its transformation or creation will be accepted.

7.5 By entering this contest, each artist agrees that their work may be reproduced in a single copy in 48” x 48” format and exhibited anonymously until the day of the announcement of the winner, in the locations assigned by the selection committee. (See point 13)

7.6 The artist accepts from the outset that the reproduction techniques of the work may not allow for a perfect result and are faithful to the original colors of the work.

  1. Registration

8.1 Deadline for registration

– August 19, 2021.

8.2 Entry fee

– Free for 2021.

  1. Media

9.1 Works must be scanned at 100 dpi (ppp) so that they can be reproduced with clarity at a size of 48”x48” (121.92cm x 121.92cm) and without borders.

9.2 Digital works must not have any signature, border, outline, etc.  The artist must send the digital work with the following information:

Title of the work, First and Last name of the author, Pseudonym

  1. Selection

10.1 The works received will be presented to a selection committee. Seventeen (17) works will be selected for this first exhibition.

10.2 Artists whose works are selected will be asked to confirm their contact information (first name, last name, pseudonym, artist’s name, etc.) and to sign a form confirming compliance with the general conditions of participation as well as authorization to exhibit their works anonymously in the locations assigned by the selection committee.

10.3 No work with sexual connotations or promoting violence in any form will be accepted.

10.4 All participating artists will be notified of the results via their email addresses.

10.5 For any additional information, please contact us via Facebook at the following address: facebook.com/Mont-Tremblant Digital Art Contest

  1. Protection of information

With the exception of the name of the author and the title of the work, all other information provided on the consent form will be treated in a strict manner

  1. Judging

Throughout the exhibition (September 4, 2021 – October 11, 2021), the public will be invited to participate by voting for their favorite.  The committee will be responsible for tallying the public votes.

  1. Unveiling

The unveiling of the winning artwork will take place during the week of October 14.  Artists who have been selected for the exhibition will be notified of the public’s choice via Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest social media.